In collaboration with Michely Web Engineering: this is Germany's biggest site for fishing information and record keeping. We were brought on to bring order to this Drupal 7 installation, which was bloated with modules and had suffered from an extended period of non-optimized expansion.

After a thorough audit, we simplified the content and theme, and have streamlined all around the backend. It's not winning any beauty pageants yet, but a  redesign and some other big stuff planned for this site in the later half of 2018!


Charisma is a web series directed by Sarah M. Harrison and Wojciech Kosma. For this project we developed a unique web-player for the series. The UI is playful and fun, and the series itself is great! It was premiered on Volksbühne Berlin's "Fullscreen".

Built with HUGO & Vimeo. Launched January 2018.

Spike Art Magazine

Celebrated contemporary art quarterly based in Vienna and Berlin, print and online.

In 2014 I worked with the Spike team on a complete site, shop, and magazine relaunch relaunch with Drupal 7. The design required several interesting UI/UX elements which, have resulted in the good looking and readable interface. The magazine includes a huge back catalog of archival material from the print magazines, and an integrated shop (Drupal Commerce) for purchasing the magazine or special edition artworks.

Berlin Community Radio

Top notch independent web-radio, broadcasting around the clock with top from locals and guest shows from musicians and DJs passing through Berlin. One can listen live from the site while browsing an archive of all shows.

Working with the client's designer, I set up the entire Drupal system and server. Launched in 2014, this site has held in for a while, but I'm looking forward to migrating it to Drupal 8 later this year!

Einblick: MS persönlich

In collaboration with Michely Web Engineering: a German language magazine about living with MS.

Drupal 8 blog-style setup with dynamic editorial authoring experience via Drupal's Paragraphs module. Launched 2016.


In collaboration with Michely Web Engineering: a German language social platform for people in the fashion industry.

I programmed a custom forum for this Drupal 7 site, launched in early 2016.


An online exhibition with an interesting interface, which was developed in collaboration with the curators, Anna Frost and Annika Kuhlmann. Built with Drupal 7, launched in early 2016.

(The site is no longer hosted at under its original URL, see link).